On Spirituality & Growth & the Evolution of the Journey

On Spirituality & Growth & the Evolution of the Journey

A comment in reply to another comment ;)

I have to be strong - there's a difference. There are times I'd like to collapse, but it's just never been an option. It's just easier to step over it now.

It's all practice - I was gobsmacked when I ascended and realised it had all been practice for not going insane once I was there. The cognitive dissonance is beyond words.

The problem is the 500s level and the Christianity and external validation.

We've confused spirituality - and pretty much everything in society - with likability.

Likability in this world is entirely dependent on external validation - other people must approve of the way you are.

A great example is BDSM. Kink was crucial to my journey and it would be my first recommendation for anyone serious about Ascension and ego mitigation.

It's like killing 50 birds with one stone, including forgiveness, trust and relationship building with intimacy. Also communication.

However when source first sent the hints to me, I went to a healer who hugely judged me for even mentioning it - and so I delayed my exploration by a couple of years.

Looking back now I wish I'd pushed more. I wish I'd rebelled sooner and more.

The self righteousness and black and white sense of right and wrong paralyses most on their journey. Add in this idea that God is all loving and you have a recipe for disaster.

Very few have realised the neutrality of energy and that it's only an expression or mirror. Under 600 they have no chance of realising it.

The single biggest mindsets we have to change are all-loving and unconditional love to balanced love and equal return;
External validation to internal validation or faith in the voice of God;
This idea that there is a right and wrong that is definite and can be judged by the human in the experience;
The idea that truth is or can be subjective.

We have to make it okay to step on toes and offend people so that we can make ego mitigation a real mainstream practice.

We've made people too self important and stuff like manifestation and The Secret is hugely to blame.

We treat God like a servant and we label purity and holiness as evil if it doesn't fit our personal models of right or wrong.

Every time I press in a direction they urge I grow - even when the stuff makes no sense in the human experience. And so much of it doesn't anymore.

Except now that I've crossed that barrier I see it totally differently, I see how to operate in the field and I see how it's all simple actions, with deep faith and trust.

Crossing that barrier put everything in perspective and when you see it from the big picture point of view it's so totally different and it's always a balance of decisions.

You can't make any of those decisions if you have to honor the ego desires and wants of every interested party.

This journey took me losing everything I had built - my whole identity. The ego deaths were extreme and horrific from the human experience. They still are. If I had to experience all this as human I would have collapsed a long time ago.

But what I gained in return?

Oh my god - incalculable in worth. And there's no way I'd go back to that life or world. This magical place we live in is not worth giving up for anything in the human experience.

When I crossed the first barrier on my Ascension journey, I met the gods. Once I got past the awe (it's all ego mitigation up there), I was given a challenge mentally, and it was this: how would you fix the world? You've been there, we're outside; from inside the experience so recently... what would you change?

I spent a while on that question and at the end I didn't have a better answer. The best answers all have no consideration for the individual human experience in fact.

People see things from their own ego desires and if it doesn't serve them they see no point. That's why we're so rare as people... it's not about us as individuals; not in the way it usually with humans.

We are imperfect and we balance impossible ideas and concepts.

Past a point you start getting ethical tests and they're not easy - and they get harder as you go.

So what trumps, a human marriage, or a commitment to God in the eyes of God that conflicts the marriage vows? And if the latter serves the greater good, the big picture story and the most of humanity, then do you save the marriage or end it to save the greater many?

If you're offered an opportunity to make money you desperately need but the source is technically illegal and could have long term damage and consequences for many people, is it worth it to do? Would you go hungry to stand by your principles?

The decisions are immense and they get bigger.

The way this shift played out and is playing out surprised me enormously - and the instructions I received flew in the face of everything that society and 500 level souls would consider right and God like.

God is everything - the good and the bad. Everything that exists is made of God - it's impossible for it to be otherwise.

It's a damn tough lesson to accept and it delays or permanently stops many journeyers.

But that's the job... To manage that stuff, those mental conflicts, and not go insane. And that's why only a few make it - most minds just aren't cut out to manage the mental and emotional strength it takes to do this journey.

Hopefully what we're doing now changes that and we get to live a more spiritual life on earth where more advanced knowledge does become more commonplace.

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