Further Understanding Ego & Messianic Lessons

Why it feels like you are so much less important than everyone else right now.

Loved this question and the response will fit what a lot of you are feeling :)


Ego complains and attacks others because it wants to get what it needs FIRST (before serving others).

But they also complain and attack back because they, too, want what they need FIRST and so we get into a battle where each is 'depriving' the other.

Everyone wants to be the child, no one is willing to be the parent.

Someone has to stop complaining and attacking and give first, even if they are coming from a place of need. Someone has to be generous - but from where? Where do you draw from?


You serve God or God serves you. The moment you serve God, you begin to become God. The moment that happens you start Messianic lessons.

The more God-like and Messianic I become, the more people behave like I owe them something.

Welcome to Messianic Lessons 101 - you're busy learning that your needs will always be secondary to those around you.

The Cliff Notes? Your needs will always be secondary to those around you - so make peace with that. People will demand.

Find the balance of looking after yourself first - know your boundaries of what you need and stop yourself when you know you are (or think you may be being) selfish.

Question your intention and ONLY move forward when you have a clear intention. This is where stuff STARTS getting hard now - Messianic lessons suck big time in the ego mitigation arena. The final outcome is ALWAYS that you don't matter.

After a while you will start seeing God's relationship with man from God's point of view. The alignment of resonance and beliefs is so that they can use your vessel more intensely and work through you more.

But here's the trade - every step you get closer to them, is a step further away from any individuated identity. You have to start accepting that Jody does NOT exist and none of her needs matter.

You have start handing over everything.

This roadblock is way too small to even get stuck at. Way bigger and harder stuff coming.

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