Techniques to Use During Difficult Times

So yes.... ego deaths and emotional releases.

I've noticed a few things about August, including that I either have a major ego death or a major forward surge. Sometimes both.

I've also noticed that it's a year since my huge ego death last August. Go look back over your August patterns and see what you notice.

I've also noticed that the movement from August shifting comes through in September usually.

Time & Growth Check

Think back to a year ago...

What was going on?

What happened between August and October last year?

What do you expect will be different this year?

How have you changed since August last year?

- What do you want differently in relationships?

- How do you want your life to be different?

- How have you grown emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

What didn't you know a year ago that you know now?

What miracles and insights have you had in the past year?

Bless The Day:

When you start the day (the exact words aren’t important):

“Holy Spirit, please guide my mind, thoughts, words, actions and deeds today. Help me move closer to God and release any and all ego identifications. Remind me to call on you often please Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, I choose for a happy day and I know it will be given to me.”

In The Moment:

To release emotions and ego identifications (the exact words aren’t important):

“Holy Spirit, I don’t know what to expect or do, I only know that I trust you to help me release this ego identification of the thought of (pain, sadness, jealousy). Please help me release this ego block.”

In The Moment:

When you want to extend love to another person (the exact words aren’t important):

“Holy Spirit, I ask for a Holy Instant so that I can share it with my brother who I love. It is not possible for either of us to have a Holy Instant alone, but together we can share in the miracle of God’s love. I choose this instant as the one to offer you Holy Spirit. Let your blessing descend on us and keep us both in peace.”

Lie Down and Die.. or Stand Up and FIGHT

Powerless. Impotent. Useless. Worthless. Frustrated. Impatient. Hopeless.

There are more words I could probably add to describe this past period, but those sum it up pretty well I think.

So it's one of those periods where you are expected to take responsibility for yourself (again) and pick yourself up off the floor and start again.

You can lie down and die or find the strength to stand up and fight.

Just remember, this too shall pass :)

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