The Morphic or Holographic Field Explained - the missing information link you've been looking for to tie the puzzle together

The Morphic or Holographic Field Explained - the missing information link you've been looking for to tie the puzzle together

Hi Beautiful Souls

I mention the morphic or holographic field a lot, because, well, it’s crucial to understanding everything… but like everything, the understanding unfolds in layers.

It’s crucial though - right up there with ego, and so it is something that you do have to pay attention to. It’s also a game changer that will fill in so many of the missing blanks - there’s not a day I don’t realize something more about the field and how it applies. The missing pieces it ties together are just amazing.

The morphic field is like the Internet of all knowledge - past, present and future - and our bodies are like PCs or devices that connect to that Internet of knowledge.

We can either upload or download information into the field, and depending on the level of consciousness we’ve reached, we access different information in the field. This is mapped according to the Human Consciousness Scale.

You’d think that at higher levels you can access all the levels below but you can’t - paradigm blindness works both ways. So you can’t see what is coming up at higher levels, and you can’t relate to people at lower levels, because you’ve forgotten and released that resonance, often ego.

There are a few key barriers on the HCS - 200 is taking responsibility, up to 499 is deeply intellectual, 500 - 600 is all-loving and benevolent, 600 - 700 is Dark Night of the Soul, and 700 and above is Mastery.

Most of the Lightworkers currently on Earth are now capable of achieving the level of mastery or Ascension

To really understand the morphic or holographic field and how it works, let’s start with thinking about sleeping.

When you’re awake, time passes… but when you go to sleep, you go away and you are no longer aware of time at all. You return from that timelessness when you wake up - feeling exactly like you’ve been away and returned.

You have been away - and if you paid attention it’s the same or a similar place that you go to when you meditate or do energy or healing work. I was surprised when I first realized it, but it is an actual geographic space you go to. It’s the next layer.

That feeling of returning is you basically opening up your thought reality to the world again. If you’ve ever tried to wake up someone sound asleep, or someone has woken you up, you know exactly how hard it is to call someone back at times - it’s like they’re very far away.

When we first enter the world, we enter with our own way of seeing and hearing and smelling and tasting and feeling - this is our personal bubble or thought reality. When we get here, we spend the first years of our life learning a shared codification system called language.

So you point to that thing on the end of your face and say nose. Over and over again until the child learns it.

But all the child has learned is what to call that thing when he sees it - it doesn’t mean the child is seeing the same thing as you. In fact, the way you see cartoons could be how I see the real world, and the way you view Picasso could be someone else’s cartoon.

We have absolutely no way of knowing, because there is no such thing as a shared experience.

The closest thing we have is language - and language is the only way to upload or download information into the field and other’s thought experiences.

Sound works brilliantly because sound crosses dimensions. If you stand behind a wall, I can’t see, smell, taste or touch you, but I can hear you if you speak. Sound in language therefore enables us to project an idea out of our thought reality and insert it into another’s.

Writing works the same way. Words and writing are all we can take into our thought reality as well - and all they are is codification and representation of thoughts and ideas.

So we’re in the world and we have this separate thought reality…. how does that turn into the morphic field and the shared experience of reality?

Well that has to do with LAYERS OF THOUGHT.

When somebody first discovers something - a secret or discovery - they want to share it with the world. When you hear shocking news you need to tell someone before it’s real. Why?

Two Layers of Thought Create Reality

In order for something to become real in reality, it requires a minimum of two layers of thought. The more layers of thought you add to it the more real it becomes.

You’ve experienced this first hand with manifesting - the more frequently you focus on (think about) something, the more quickly it realizes, whether that thing is good or bad. You’ve just added enough layers of thought (thoughts about the goal) that the object becomes strong enough to realize in reality.

The shared field works the same way - we all agree, for example, that chairs exist. So chairs have become very real and no one is in doubt as to their reality.

Over time, enough belief by enough people, in the same thing, like chairs, means that that becomes a standard in the field and the field just decides that chairs exist, making it part of reality.

It’s critical mass or the Maharishi effect - eventually the thought presence in the field becomes so strong that everyone can access it without trying - it becomes a standard part of reality.

So the easiest way to visualize all this is to imagine everyone in a little bubble - your personal space in other words. Everywhere that the edges of that space touches and overlaps, becomes reality.

Until you are at a certain level, you can only operate in your bubble and extend or absorb information into your thought reality.

At the same time, the morphic or holographic field controls everything for you - from birth to death to your heart beating to karma to fate and destiny, the field contains anything and everything that happens subconsciously and superconsciously.

This is why it’s so difficult to access at first - it’s in the field and not in you.

The ability of consciousness or enlightenment is losing the control the field has over you and taking over that control yourself. So being able to change your body with your mind, healing the self and others.

So for example, the field controls how you age, with predetermined rules about what a body looks like at a certain age. You can fight back and take over - as you can with anything. However you have to choose your battles wisely because everything is manifested according to the layers of thought that have been applied.

You only have a limited amount of time each day, and you can only effectively manifest one thing properly at a time - that’s why the journey boils down to you serve God or God serves you. If you are focused on money and obtaining wealth, often you do not have the time to serve God and focus on Source.

So it’s a balancing act… and often we as spiritual peeps tend to err on the side of thoughts and communication from Source - forgetting to manifest money or focus on the worldly and secular things.

With consciousness, you can also pick and choose the info in the field that you access, and most importantly, you can LEAVE your little bubble of thought reality almost at will, and travel in the PASSAGES of reality that lie between those bubbles of thought reality, moving between people’s bubbles and reaching them personally. That’s how distance healing works effectively.

A note on empaths and the morphic or holographic field…

So many spiritual peeps complain about the heaviness of the load we bear in the human experience - how hard the trials are.

As lightworkers and empaths we’re here to clear the morphic field, to prepare the field for the next evolution. Basically as the field clears, the evolution in humans will be automatic, because the baseline of the field will change.

This is a much more effective way to fix the planet, because it no requires no interference with others’ free will.

It does however mean that as empaths, every time we clear away a layer of stuff in our own lives, we attract another layer from the field to clear, either because it is randomly in the field and near what we’re currently shifting, or because it matches our karmic load.

Each of us is connected to a hive of people in the field and we carry and shift what they can’t. You've experienced this with helping people and then somehow you have their problems in your life to deal with afterwards. You absorbed an empath load. This is also what we speak about with healers ‘taking on’ the stuff of their clients.

One of the most effective ways to mitigate this is TEACHING! The more you teach and heal others out loud, the less the subconscious load you have to bear.

If you actively make an effort to heal and help others over the next few days, your emotional load and shifting intensity will dramatically decrease. It never fails!

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Save this, read it and reread it a million times.

I’ve tried to put the most important info into this but it’s still going to take you a while to understand and unpack. Just keep going back to it.

I promise you that understanding the morphic field and how it applies to everything we do will make a massive difference to all the things you’re battling to finally puzzle together.

If you want to take it further - read Power vs Force by Sir David Hawkins. You will NOT regret it - and reading it alone will boost you up the human consciousness scale by 35 points. It will be one of the single biggest leaps you’ll take in your lifetime, so well worth chasing.

Love & light always
Chemory xo

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