Understanding Free Will

Understanding Free Will

Okay so reaching an interesting stage on unpacking free will, a stage that always happens for me.

So this post is about the content, as well as the mechanism of the stage I’m at. it’s a double whammy learning LOL

So the mechanism and stage is a scaled list, and even mirrors started like this.

You’ve seen this in other scales and codifications, like PEMSC (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cosmic) and the levels of lessons in faith, for example.

It’s really an ordered duality scale, and seeing the scale is always a marker that you’re going through to new levels of understanding in a short while.

When it appears, it will appear as a bunch of dualities, which will have a common thread. One of my favorites is the surrender scale:

  1. Lose - Surrender completely outside your control and choice; usually because of another person or circumstance
  2. Sacrifice - Surrender with some choice; mostly outside your control
  3. Give Up - Surrender with choice; it's too hard or I'll never get there
  4. Surrender - Surrender with choice; usually before you have an element of giving up; the wisdom to see this is a wrong path
  5. Let Go - Surrender with choice; usually much earlier than surrender; draws on wisdom of past experience
  6. Let God - Surrender with faith in God; letting God take the wheel
  7. Allow - State of being and IS; beyond faith; whatever will be will be; neither is good or bad

This is a simplified version of that scale, but illustrates the point: in each new layer, there is more or less conscious choice involved in the process of surrender.

The same applies to the free will scale, with choice being the common denominator again:

  1. Free will - absolute choice of thought and action, often with no awareness of the element of desire
  2. Indifference - complete choice by lack of interest, with awareness of the element
  3. Interest - complete choice, with awareness and some interest
  4. Attraction & appeal - almost complete choice, with some active interest and desire
  5. Urge - almost complete choice, with strong natural desire arising
  6. Desire - conscious awareness of pull towards element, removal of some choice, e.g. you can’t stop thinking about it
  7. Temptation - desire is overriding free will choice
  8. Fascination - thoughts keep drifting towards element, overriding choice
  9. Irresistible - choice and free will are no longer enough to stop thoughts and the desire for the element
  10. Obsession - you cannot prevent yourself from seeking out the element of desire
  11. Compulsion - your free will can no longer prevent you from taking action; you almost lose conscious ability when the desire takes over
  12. Addiction - engaging in the desire becomes the preferred free will choice; i.e. your lack of free will leads you to believe it is your choice to want this
  13. Addiction as a Disease - see below

The mechanisms of free will are as follows:

  1. Resistance - choosing against
  2. Manifestation - choosing for
  3. Loss - no choice
  4. Sacrifice - loss with conscious choice


Free will - understanding the next layer:

Free will: the extreme polarity is not just addiction, it's addiction as a disease.

Addiction presupposes the idea that your free will can be taken away from you in a situation, or in regard to a particular aspect.

Addiction as a disease is the layer modern medicine has added to the societal application of the scale of free will/addiction.

Addiction as a disease presupposes that the element of addiction is beyond your control because it is a physical disease - therefore it is "natural".

It's the duality of healing mentality arising in the field therefore.

Healing assumes you always have free will to choose correctly (change your beliefs) in order to heal yourself/be healed, whether that "pain" and "damage" (trauma) is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

In response, The System is fighting back by introducing a new layer of helplessness - you have no choice of free will because this thing is inherent in your body: nature put it there in other words. Especially if it's genetic.

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