Remember Your Shifting Basics!

Remember Your Shifting Basics!

When Life Coaches Toolbox first started life, it started as a book (if you've seen the PDF downloads on free tools, that's it).

The point of this book was to aggregate all the primary basics and all the tools you could possibly need, with one major tool per double page spread.

So the idea was, if something falls over, you grab the book, flip it open and let Source guide you to the healing tool you need.

The reason you need a resource like that is because when you are shifting hectically, you don't remember basics. Hell you hardly remember anything!! LOL

Each time we're going through something crazy, I post absolute basics and everyone comes back with, 'I forgot about those!'

You do forget, it's normal. So you need to put stuff in place to counteract that.

My sites and YouTube channel are a good place to start - there are free tools and articles, easily over 1000 to pick from and play with - big stuff and small stuff. Forgiveness to fear releases, the basics and everything inbetween.

I know it's tough physically and financially right now - it honestly is that for me too. My trial period has just been going longer so that there's a bank (sic) of resources for people to pull on.

The first wavers agreed to this - to go first and for longer and be ready to help the second wave.

All this stuff you're going through - twin flames, sex, death, forgiveness, money worries, cancer, mental illness, suicide - there are resources on my sites, and from many other first wavers to help you.

Use those free resources - that's what they're there for.

This can be a lot easier than what most people experience it as, and you need the system support as your journey escalates.

You want it to escalate, because the magic you've been expecting really starts now.

Don't struggle alone, and bookmark at least the links below:

These daily basics will cover most stuff, but dig around the sites and YouTube channel - there literally hundreds of free healing tools.

If you are a web fundi like me, use the sitemap. The footer has a sitemap link and articles and pages are titled very simply. Easiest way to navigate my sites IMHO.

Also log in on the free tools page on Life Coaches Toolbox using social media and the available tools will expand enormously.

We're in this together, even if we're handling different parts. It's not easy on many of us right now, and even if it is, chances are that'll swing soon.

So we'll probably have a contrast swing to look forward to in the next few days - and up if you've been down and vice versa.

If you are staying down and not reaching relief at least in increments, like even if it's an hour at a time - that's when you need help.

There are big ups and downs at the moment - you should be feeling them.

A nonstop depression, suicidal feelings, uncontrollable anger are things you want to get help for.

I also got a clear message last week: sometimes you need external help. That related to medicine for me, but it's a global message.

So if you need to take meds cos your system is crashing or you need to ask for help - do. Even if you aren't sure you'll get it. It's okay to hear no too - you can ask the next person.

It is tough right now, and there's a death period too. So we're feeling the death bridge thing as well. It's not in your head.

Be gentle on yourself. This too shall pass.

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