Ego Deaths, Rock Bottoms & I Don't Matter

When this stage of the journey first started happening to me, I couldn’t make any sense of it – it doesn’t make sense how accepting that you are worthless can lead to a breakthrough. I mean aren’t we meant to be realising we’re Gods?

But the lessons kept coming, in deeper and deeper forms, and so I learned to surrender to them over time, making the time period that they lasted shorter.

These lessons are hard, because the very thing you’re trying to eliminate is your sense of self importance, the idea that you even exist or that your needs matter.

The why of why it has to happen is truly only something you’ll really understand once you reach that place of understanding, but it’s important. And if you’re getting lessons like this, it’s a sign of your advancement on your journey.

The thing about these lessons – they’re a lot of work for a little reward at first, and the ego (self importance) part of you, will rail back at first, feeling punished and wallowing in self pity.

The Answer? Surrender

Just try and accept the worst possible feeling you can, e.g. I will never matter, I will never add any value, No one cares if I live or die… and then try to get there as quickly as possible.

There is enormous relief and release at the bottom of these lessons.

Pray for clarity.

There’s so much confusion going on right now, but praying for clarity seems to help. So try:

“Holy Spirit, I don’t know how to do this and so I ask you to help me. Please release this ego identification of the thought of confusion and overwhelm and show me how to experience clarity.”

You can add in any other ego responses you’re experiencing, e.g. doubt, shame, fear, anxiety, worry, anger, resistance – anything really.

This article (and videos) will help you understand the shifting cycles and what your body is going through right now.

Finding your pattern can make it a lot easier to traverse this.

As always – do your basics!!

The Butterfly Release has been a life saver for me the last few weeks and is FABULOUS for getting some clarity and lifting the fog from your head!

All the shifting basic tools are on this page as well :)

You may want to do the full morning routine and some Cortices Tapping to support your system as well.

Hang in There

Most of us are taking serious strain right now and the timing feels terrible because all the changes in our lives have made us anxious to move forward.

If you’ve lost a loved one, or lost a job or income, or left a relationship, or are experiencing difficulty with the people around you…. it’s this period.

That’s the first level of DON’T TAKE IT SO PERSONALLY. This is happening to ALL of us, not just you ☺

Go easy on yourself and give yourself a big hug from me.

I love you, you matter… and thank God we have answers to what is happening to us now at least.

Can you imagine going back to a time where we were as confused as a few years back?

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