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What to do when your child has a bad drugs trip

Whether or not you like it, your children will most likely be exposed to drugs at some point in their lives.

What do you do when your child does try drugs and has a bad trip, and what can you expect to face?

Because many parents are scared they won’t know what to do if they’re faced with a crisis situation with their child, they avoid thinking about it altogether, preferring to turn a blind eye to what’s really going on.

The truth is your teens are out there having sex and experimenting with drugs, and the stricter you are, the more adept they will become at lying and covering their tracks. Even a teen with whom you have a fantastic relationship and rapport will lie to you if they have something to hide, or feel guilt, shame or embarrassment about a situation.

So if your teen does call you up at 3 in the morning saying I need help, I’ve taken drugs and I’m having a bad trip, what do you do and what can you expect to face?

Bite your tongue

The very first thing you need to remember to do is bite your tongue.

There will definitely be a time and a place where you can berate your child – this is not that time or that place. In fact depending on the severity of the trip, it may be a good three weeks or so before you can actually have the conversation you’re going to want to have now.

If you’ve never taken drugs, or you’ve never had a bad trip, you have no concept of what is actually going on in your teen’s head at that moment.

It’s scary

The best way to describe being stuck inside a bad drugs trip is that it is cold, distant, surreal and it feels like you will be stuck there forever.

You’re having a million realizations and a billion different emotions are washing over you, and you feel totally out of control.

The slightest little thing and nothing at all will scare you senseless, and this is exactly why now is bad time to start getting scary and making threats. Scare your child enough on a bad drugs trip and you can cause a mental or psychotic break that can leave them damaged for the rest of their life.

Chances are your teen does not even understand half the worlds you’re saying at this point, and please don’t underestimate it when I say that your teen will really be mostly not themselves for up to three weeks afterwards.

What to expect

Your child is going to need to talk, and they are going to need a lot of company.

I would strongly recommend sleeping in the room with them for the first week and staying as physically close as you can.

Your teen will most likely battle to sleep, wake up scared from nightmares when they do, and will often experience paranoia and anxiety.

Your teen will likely also experience flashbacks or having the drug kick in again. This can happen for a week to ten days afterwards.

They may also experience symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and even flu like symptoms and an infection. Sinus and blocked nose is also common. Be careful in what medication you administer as the medication may cause a flashback or residual after effects.

Techniques and processes to use

Additional help

When it’s your child, there is obviously fear or going to a doctor for help – what if there are legal ramifications?

Additional ways to help your child would be to go and see an alternative-healing practitioner. Many of them have experience and knowledge that can help your teen to find their way back to reality and feel more human again. Additionally, most will be skilled enough to tell you if you seriously need to seek medical attention.

I would recommend contacting a Shaman or a BodyTalk practitioner to assist you.

BodyTalk will work on the body and its natural healing system, whilst a Shaman will be able to help you deal with the spiritual, mental and emotional damage, much like a priest will.

The threat is real

Parents please don’t dismiss this and think it will never happen to me. I’ve watched so many parents make that mistake.

Your child is going to live a life, experiment and explore, and sometimes your only job is to be there to pick up the pieces afterwards.

Drugs is a stupid mistake yes, but it’s still a mistake, and your first job as a parent is to love and forgive.

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