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  • Christ Consciousness & the Religious Overtones for the Shift

    Like so many other lightworkers, I come from a strict religious background.

    My parents used to make us go to church sometimes every day of the week. My mom was in the choir and the church secretary. I grew to hate Christianity.

  • Coaching Strategy for:

    • Physical System Support
    • Practical Functionality (Getting stuff done day to day)

    This will help you face the things you need to do, like work and focus and meetings and chores.

  • Common Ego Traps looks at some of the more frequent ways that ego tries to trip you up on a spiritual or personal growth journey.

  • The Confession Exercise allows you to work together with someone else to forgive in a conversation, and work on both of your 'stuff' at the same time.

  • We're definitely butting heads with control structures and 3D souls who want to try and control what they see and cannot understand.

    Luckily yesterday I did see a lot of stuff lift in that regard, and things are starting to flow more easily.

  • Converting someone to your way of thinking or faith by conversion

    The whole idea that you automatically want to convert someone to your way of thinking because you're spiritual is somewhat annoying.

    As is the idea that you want to change someone's mind just because you're talking to them.

    Also, I find people glamorize their journeys, because it is the most exciting thing that's happened to them.

    Truth is that most people's journeys compared to ours are quite boring. Their lives and issues and experiences are quite boring.

  • When you have a difficult romantic situation to deal with but you still need to get on with your day-to-day life, what can you do to clear your head and get focused again?

    Isn’t it amazing how life seems to hit all at once? Your car breaks down, you and your partner start fighting, your bank card gets cloned… all while you’re in the middle of your final exams, or the day before a massive presentation?

  • So the global lockdowns mean the world is falling down around you, and at the least, business has taken a few staggers backwards.

    The only solution is to get your self moving again, and get out and find that business.

    You know how to do this… even if you are starting from scratch again.

    You know what it’s going to take to get the momentum going again… even if you are going in a completely different direction this time.

    You know what you need to do… well, kind of… but you have no idea where to start.

    You need to get your head straight.

    You need something to help you think about your business in a new way: to help you re-envision your offering; to help you reimagine what you can sustainably do in light of this brave new world we are facing.

    Usually, you’d get hold of a coach or your marketing agency and do a strategy session - like you do at the beginning of the year. And anyway, you wouldn’t even know where to start doing all that stuff on your own.

    That’s where the Mission Statement & Elevator Speech Generator Resource steps in… it’s like a long strategy session packed into a digital tool. The resource contains:

    1. Mission Statement Generator
    2. High Energy Values Generator
    3. Competitor Values Comparison
    4. Define Your Brand Identity Tool
    5. Define Your Ideal Client Tool
    6. Brand Identity vs Ideal Client Comparison
    7. Elevator Speech Creator Tool
    8. SWOT Analysis Tool
    9. Brand Colour Chooser, with Values by Colour Choice
    10. Baseline Marketing Pack Choices

    The Mission Statement & Elevator Speech Generator Resource will enable you to generate a whole range of necessary business and marketing materials, AND give you a fun interactive way to focus your mind while you go through the process of hatching your next business success…. because that v-shaped recovery CAN be a reality for you.

    Each tool takes you step-by-step through the process, and you don’t need to know where to start. Starting points, and extensive examples, have already been populated for you. You’ll also find statement generators, a comprehensive values list (linked to colours!), formulas and structures to follow, and interactive playgrounds.

    1. Mission Statement = Vision + Purpose Statement

    Generate a Mission Statement From Scratch Tool-

    Starting with an easy-to-follow formula, and statement generators in key areas, based on the 30 Customer Values, you will be able to craft a Mission Statement that represents you, and carries meaning for your business’s future. Statement Snippets have been crafted by a Senior Business Copywriter, and all you have to do is play with the sliders until you find something that you like. It really is designed with no starting point needed.

    Generate statements and statement snippets using the 30 Customer Values:

    Play with, and reconfigure, statements and snippets, while following and easy-to-understand formula:

    The formula is explained in a page full of examples, and you’ll see how that formula can be applied to every great Mission Statement you’ve ever heard:

    2. High Energy Values Generator

    Generate a list of High Energy Values & Avoid Low Energy Words -

    The High Energy Values Generator gives you a comprehensive list of the complete Power Patterns, both high and low, as well as a list of synonyms. This gives you a great starting point, and makes sure you don’t land up with the same few values as everyone else has! You know it happens ;)

    Power Patterns ( read more at ) were defined by Sir David Hawkins, during his extensive research into the field of kinesiology. These are the highest vibration values, as agreed by people around the world. Think of it like Pantone for feelings and values: a list that tells you what almost everyone perceives.

    3. Competitor Values Comparison

    Compare Yourself to a Competitor Using High & Low Energy Values-

    Compare yourself to a competitor, or company you aspire to be like, and identify which values you share, and where you differ. This gives you a really effective place to start when changing or improving yourself or your organization - and tells you what you need to look at changing about your practices.

    4 & 5. Define Your Brand Identity & Ideal Client Tools

    Define Your Brand Identity -

    Define Your Ideal Client -

    Define your brand identity, and ideal client, using an interactive character & dress up tool, and by answering a series of guided questions. These questions will give you all sorts of insight, like where to focus your marketing budget, what media to consider, alternate avenues and venues for marketing, key messaging elements to zero in on, and so much more.

    6. Compare Your Ideal Client to Your Brand Identity

    Compare Your Ideal Client to Your Brand Identity -

    Compare Your Ideal Client to Your Brand Identity and understand where these two talk to each other, where they’re compatible, where they totally miss the mark, and so much more that will help clarify HOW you need to structure your marketing, in order to more effectively reach your target market.

    7. Elevator Speech Creator Tool

    Create an Elevator Speech from scratch -

    The Elevator Speech Generator Tool once again starts you with a formula and examples, and then allows you to generate statement snippets. From here, you can use the compiler playgrounds to play until you find the perfect speech. After that, there a timer and video record function that will allow you to practice until it your delivery is perfect.

    8. SWOT Analysis Tool

    SWOT Analysis Tool -

    Define, and understand, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, using our SWOT Analysis Tool.

    9. Brand Colour Chooser

    Brand Colour Chooser Tool -

    Use the brand colour chooser resource to make an educated decision about colours, taking into the meanings and values people associate to them. Choose your colours based not he meanings associated with them, and create a striking image for your business and brand. In addition you will find a variety of colour combinations or palettes, as well as a playground where you can select a colour palette.

    10. Your Baseline Marketing Pack

    Your Baseline Marketing Pack -

    The Baseline Marketing Pack is all the important foundational choices you need to make for your business or brand, like typefaces, and look and feel, and can make a really big difference when you need to convey a tone to a designer, creative, or agency. Especially in a world where so many of us will be working from home now.

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  • CPTSD Core Wounds from Childhood Emotional Neglect & Abuse

    An extensive list of common and subtle core wounds, along with examples of the active memories that may be at the root of those wounds.

    In addition, the graphic covers unmet needs, the ways in which these wounds may express in your life currently, and the unfulfilled desires that underlie these wounds.

  • This set of exercises is designed to help you chip away at resistance and build hope that you can find love again.

  • Why are criticism and feedback so hard to take?

    It doesn’t matter if you’re in the corporate environment or at home with your nearest and dearest, hearing negative feedback about yourself seems to hit hard, and can shatter the way you thought things worked in an instant.

  • I – like so many of us – have been fascinated by human behavior my whole life, which of course has lead to a lot of reading books, biographies and watching documentaries, and I’ve loved the serial killers and cult leaders and their stories.

    So this weekend I watched a completely new one, on a place in California called the Buddhafield, watching it with a new level of awareness obviously.

    It dawned on me that there is a pattern in what all former cult members say about the evolution of cult leaders – they all start out as so holy and so pure, but then it becomes about sex eventually. And when the whole thing collapses, there’s always a sexual scandal attached – one of an extreme nature usually.

  • Dating and online dating for twin flames and empaths

    When you're chatting to someone online via text or messenger service, and you want to get to know the real them in as short a period as possible, do the following.

    Each time you respond, send off a quick bunch of questions - say 3 to 10 questions in each response burst.

    Make sure the questions cover a variety of topics, including sex and relationships, as well as things you're looking for in a potential partner.

  • Dating and online dating for twin flames and empaths

    We are bad at seeing liars and lies

    As you progress along the journey, you're going to cross through certain one way barriers of understanding.

    You've experienced this before with big aha moments of realisation: suddenly you think in the new way and can't imagine that you ever thought the other old way before.

    What you'll realize later on is that this is because paradigm blindness works both ways.

  • Dating and online dating for twin flames and empaths

    So continuing on our previous thread, here are some more dating tips for empaths and twin flames.

  • A Course in Miracles clearly says (repeatedly, the whole text through lol) that special relationships of any kind are an Ego illusion and identification - in fact the ultimate one, because they are tied to your identity and the other person's identity.

  • In Degrees & Types of Spiritual Lessons we unpack the differences between an Ego Death, Trial By Fire & Dark Night of the Soul.

  • What can you do if your child’s personality and behavior has suddenly changed – and what is behind the shift?

    Around the world, parents are experiencing situations where their children go from angels to demons - seemingly overnight.

    Often there seems to be no triggering factor for this change, and the contrast in behavior can be extreme, in many cases leaving parents at their wit’s end.

  • A series of easy coaching tools to help you measure your personal development and consciousness growth and change over 2015.

    2015 was hard – we all felt it and it left its mark on all of us. Very few people won’t tell you that they’re glad to see the back of last year – and we’re all certainly hoping 2016 bodes better.

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