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Ask for Forgiveness to be Chosen for You


When you can't get something right yourself, it's time to call in an expert. Forgiveness is no different.

Use this exercise to ask a higher authority to take over and release the blocks to your forgiveness, and finally achieve the breakthrough you deserve.

  Ask for Forgiveness to be Chosen for You

In A Course in Miracles, we are taught that any pain or hurt or damage we feel is about separation, and a reflection of the original misconception that we are separate from God.

In fact, it is the reminder of that perceived separation that actually causes us pain. Accordingly, ACIM then goes on to say that everything can be healed by forgiving the separation.

However, according to ACIM we are not able to create miracles ourselves.

Miracles are acts forgiveness that cause a collapse of time, because a future event does not have to happen to redress a wrong.

Imagine it like this... if you have a fight with someome today, you might spend the next few days thinking about it, and expend energy on being angry at them, and mean to them, for the next few days.

Eventually however, you will forgive them.

So, if you just skip to the end and forgive them straight after the fight, all those events that would normally have taken place over the next few days, will now not need to happen.

So we collapsed time, by taking away the need for those experiences that would bring you to a place of forgiveness.

We do this by introducing the miracle of forgiveness straight away.

We can't perform miracles ourselves however.

All that we can do is really intend and hold the space for a miracle to take place - so we can facilitate the creation of miracles.

So, if you're stuck and unable to reach a point of forgiveness, then this process is designed to help you ask your Higher Power to choose for peace and forgiveness for you.

Like anything that you're stuck on, the answer is to call in an expert to help you.

So call on the Higer Power you feel the most comfortable with, and let forgiveness come easy for you.

Using the fields below, type your name, and the name of the person you want to forgive.

Now use the third slider field to pick a Higher Power to work with, or type your own Guide's name, or the name of any Higher Power you prefer.

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