Life Coaches Toolbox by Chemory Gunko

Cutting Cords


Use this cord cutting exercise to remove the energetic cords that connect you to someone else.

  Cut the Energetic Cords that Connect You To Someone Else

When you can't let go of, or stop thinking about, someone else, it's often because there is an energetic link between you and them in the field.

The Cord Cutting Visualisation Tool enables you to energetically cut the cords between you and the other person, relieving the strain of external elements that are making it hard for you to let go of the person.

Whether or not you believe in all the energy stuff, this is still a powerful visualization tool to see the physical link between you and the other person broken.

Instructions for the Cord Cutting Visualization Tool

Simply upload an image of yourself and the person you want to release yourself from, in the indicated areas.

If you're working with a theme like relationships, love, money, food, government - or anything else you can think of - then simply upload a pciture that represents that for you.

Take a moment to look at the connection. Say good bye if you want to.

This is also a good moment for you to say anything that is left unsaid to the person.

When you're ready, click on the laces to release them.

Once you've released the cord connecting the two of you, the person might come back when you click again, but the cord is still broken.

Trust that it is broken and it will remain so.

But if you refresh the page, i.e. start the process all over again, you will create another cord.


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