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Forgive in Pairs


Work with a friend or confidant to break through your forgiveness block, and achieve relief from the emotional tension that is plaguing you.

  Forgive in Pairs

You know how when something has happened, or you've done something, or you have a major piece of information, it just eats away at you and eats away at you until you finally blurt it out?

Well confessing your sins gives you relief for exactly the same reason - and that's what makes this exercise so effective.

Around the world confession is commonly utilized as a tool for dealing with issues of guilt, forgiveness, penance, repentance and atonement.

From the Catholic Church with its concepts of confession and penance to Pacific Tribal cultures and even African concepts like Ubuntu, confession as a means of achieving forgiveness and atonement is one of those built-in defaults we all have: like the concept that we're entitled to personal freedoms and love :)

In this exercise, you'll pair up with someone you trust implicitly.

Find somewhere private to sit - like one of your houses when no one is around and no one is expected home for a good while.

Take turns confessing your sins to each other - it will help to build trust and also the security that your partner will maintain your confidences if you hold confidences of theirs as well.

It is really important with this exercise that you do not share the information you have learned.

You can assume that if it's come out in an exercise like this, that it is highly confidential.

This is a fabulous exercise for couples to use to build the intimacy & trust between them.

You can also do this exercise on your own, by reading through the script and following the questions.

Done with proper intent, this tool can be just as powerful if you do it alone.

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