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Lessons You're Thankful For


No matter how bad things got, it really could always have been worse. What are you glad for in all of this?

  Which Lessons are You Thankful for in this Experience?

Even if the situation you're looking to forgive was awful and terrible for you to go through, it could always have been worse.

In this tool, we're going to unpack reasons why it could have been worse.

To use the tool, look at the statements below and delete those that do NOT apply to your situation.

What you'll be left with at the end is a list of reasons that your system does not disagree with - even if it isn't a huge burning factor for you.

Luckily, all you need for gratitude is a starting point, and once you get going with these, your mind will generate bigger reasons for you to be grateful.

So after you've dismissed the statements that do not apply, go back and read over the the lists that remain.

Feel free to expand on, and edit the statements. It doesn't matter how you get there, we're just looking for a moment of "thank goodness this happened".

Which Lessons Are You Thankful For Instructions & How To Guide

Follow the instructions in the example fields below to learn how to use the Which Lessons Are You Thankful For Tool fields.

Remember that there are no right or wrong answers - just the information that you need to process.

There's no exam or score at the end of this. Just answer impulsively, because you really can't get this wrong.

🗑 This is an example field. Click on the trashcan at the right of this block & watch me disappear.
🗑 This is another example field. Click on this wording & test the typing feature.
Any typing edits you make will be saved for you. This way, you are free to edit any of the statements to perfectly suit your individual situation.
🗑 Using conjunction words, like and, when & because, will you let you expand any statement, e.g. I am truly sorry I let you down and... or, I disappointed you because... or I let you down when...

Immediate Results That You're Thankful For

This section contains ideas for gratitude that apply in the immediate wake of situation blowing up.

Remember to delete the statements that do NOT apply.

🗑 The mental & emotional tension of the fear that the truth will come out is over.
🗑 The worst has happened.
🗑 It can't get any worse than this.
🗑 It's not as bad as I thought it would be.
🗑 It was over more quickly than I expected.
🗑 I got to speak my truth, and/or say what is really on my mind.
🗑 The air has been cleared.
🗑 The response I got was not as bad I thought it would be.
🗑 I finally know what's really going on.
🗑 I feel a sense of relief.
🗑 The sense of impending doom has lifted.
🗑 Knowing is way better than not knowing.
🗑 It wasn't what I expected it to be.
🗑 It is what I expected it to be - but I know I can trust my intuition now.
🗑 I have a feeling that this is meant to be.

Long Term Yields You Appreciate

This section contains ideas for gratitude that apply when you're looking back on the situation in retrospect - usually years later..

Remember to delete the statements that do NOT apply.

🗑 I met someone important to me because of this.
🗑 An awesome opportunity came my way.
🗑 I thought I'd lost something valuable at the time, but in retrospect I'm glad it's gone.
🗑 This opened my eyes to something I'd never considered before.
🗑 This completely changed the trajectory of my life.
🗑 This opened my eyes to my own flaws.
🗑 This helped me to become a better person.
🗑 This saved me years of heartache in the long run.
🗑 This stopped me from making a much bigger mistake.
🗑 What I did to get over this, or to get away, turned out to be life changing.
🗑 In retrospect, I'm so glad this person left my life.
🗑 I'm so grateful for the doors that closed to me - and the others that opened as a result.
🗑 I'm so grateful for how my life changed.
🗑 I'm so grateful for who I've become.
🗑 I can't imagine my life having played out any other way.

Thank & Release the Other Party

Upload a picture of the Other Party.

When you're ready, click the button and read the thank you statement to the person, while looking at their picture - and meaning it.

You can say the statement out loud, or in your head - either way is fine. What's important is that you at least want to mean it when you say it.

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