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Forgiveness Release with Energy & Light


Use this Forgiveness Video Meditation Tool to help you find forgiveness release with energy & light.

  Forgiveness Release with Energy & Light

The Forgiveness Release with Energy & Light contains a visualization exercise, as well as a digital tool that you can use to achieve forgiveness.

It doesn't matter if you are the victim, perpetrator, bystander or witness, this exercise will help you find forgiveness and release.

The exercise is staged, and you face the main protagonist first, then those additionally involved and then all the bystanders, or those peripherally involved.

With each group you'll make a forgiveness healing statement three times, and hear it back three times. When dealing with those additionally and peripherally involved and bystanders, it's your choice if you are going to make the statement to each indivdually or deal with them as a group.

Once this section is done, you'll see a bubble or ball of light growing out of each of your and the main protagonists's solar plexus chakras and join to form an infinity loop. You can further support and seal this with a sun or chakra symbol and then see the scene completely whited out.

If there are any amends you feel you need to make after you've completed the exercise, then make them. Likewise any forgiveness you feel you need to extend in person.

Most of the time, dealing with these issues does not really ever require dealing with the other parties in person, but in difficult cases, and for those of us that faced tough lives, it can really give the release you are looking for.

Forgiveness with Energy & Light Visualizaton Process Instructions

Call on your guides and clear your chakras, or prepare in any way that you feel comfortable.

See the main protagonist in this situation standing in front of you and say to them three times: I'm sorry, I love you, I forgive you, pleae forgive me.

Have them repeat the same statement to you three times.

Now see everyone also involved in the situation standing with the main protagonist and say to them each individually or as a group three times: I'm sorry, I love you, I forgive you, please forgive me.

Have them repeat the statement back to you three times as well.

Now see everyone even peripherally involved in the situation in the picture and say to them as a group, three times: I'm sorry, I love, I forgive you, please forgive me.

Have the group repeat the statement back to you three times.

Now see a ball of white or colored light at the solar plexus chakras of yourself and the main protagonist.

See the light growing and expanding until it blanks out the people involved.

As the orbs of light grow and join, see them swirl to form an infinity loop that is sealed by a chakra symbol for extra support.

If you're looking for assistance or support in a particular area, you can use a different coloured ball of light, infinity loop or chakra symbol.

Use a violet cord to work with past life and generational issues that need to be released.

Use an indigo cord to help you see a new possibility or future vision.

Use a blue cord to help promote communication.

Use a green cord to promote bonding and connectedness.

Use a yellow or golden cord to promote personal empowerment through the clearing.

Use an orange cord to promote creative energy and stimulate ideas.

Use a red cord to promote trust, feelings of safety and security.

Once you feel confident that the forgiveness bond is sealed, let the orbs white the entire scene out and open your eyes.

The Main Parties

Using the fields indicated below, upload pictures of up to six people who were involved in this incident.

The role the person played is just an indicator of who you can include; you can include any six people you feel like including. Say your family, for example; if it's a family group forgiveness issue.

Once you've uploaded all six images, scroll down and click below.

Watch the short meditation and see how the light erases all the parties, bringing forgiveness & peace to everyone concerned.

This tool is better suited to a big screen like a laptop. If you're using a mobile device, turn your device into landscape mode - so turn it so that it's on it's side.

People Who Got Caught in the Crossfire

Bystanders, Witnesses & Other Peripheral Parties

  Get Help

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