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Release a Past Life


Release a Past Life Connection on the energetic level, because it is blocking you from achieving forgiveness.

  Release a Past Life

Sometimes when you're stuck on a particular person or issue, it's usually because there is something sub- or un-conscious at play in the situation, perhaps a past life incident or soul contract.

This exercise is useful for allowing you to explore your unconscious brain and come up with a reason or incident that may be blocking you from achieving the release of forgiveness.

Even if you don't buy into the idea of past lives, this is still a useful way of allowing your mind to present the information to you more subtly, because it obviously feels the need to protect you from it now.

We're not hoping that you are a past lives maestro and that you'll get all the information historically accurate, we're only interested with this exercise in getting at the story that your brain has concocted, so that we can manipulate it.

Instructions to Release a Past Life Connection

Scroll through the timeline below and notice which image you are drawn to the most.

Click on the image & complete the questions & exercises on that page.

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